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The Visual Road & Bridge Integrated Management System® Company
CompuLink has specialized in activity-based Cost and Fund accounting solutions for City -
County - Parish Public Works, Road, Bridge and Service Departments since 1982. 

Visual R&B IMS® is also Cloud-based  (since January, 2013)  EMail or call us for
access to a live online demo.  Version 10 was introduced, June, 2016 offering a faster
engine and new functionality.

Visual R&B IMS® provides tools to easily manage Labor, Material, Equipment and
Contract costs.  Because we know you manage many tasks, multiple projects and
hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets over many square miles, our overall software
philosophy is to keep  the user interface friendly, make your computer do the work and
provide you with one-click solutions when applicable.

Visual Road & Bridge IMS® contains 20+ fully integrated modules (150+ sub modules)
and 500+ pre-written reports, plus a built- Report Writer so you can roll-your-own.  The
program runs with any number of modules, so you can tailor the system to provide the
solution you currently need and add other modules as management needs grow.  Primary
modules cover:

                      Asset Management                     Project, Cost & Fund Accounting
                      GASB34 Reporting                      Google® Maps/Earth & GIS Interfaces
                      FEMA Reporting                          State Specific Reporting
                      Fleet Management                       Flood Plain Management
                      Cemetery Management               Permit Management
                      Water Distribution Module

CompuLink sets an industry standard for ease-of-use, speed and user friendly interface. 
With our fully integrated modular software architecture, you enter data once and it's
available in all related modules for analysis, reporting, planning, forecasting and
budgeting tasks.

We provide full data conversion service to preserve your historical data thats been saved
in other software applications.

EMail or call for access to our Cloud-based  or Network/Desktop-based demo.
Updated:  May 5, 2020